Bond, James Bond.. Inspired Career Advice

Put on your best suit, take a seat in the Aston Martin and check out Saastronauts 007 inspired career tips. Written to help you reach the next level in your professional journey. Aside from the 370 kills, adulterous behaviour and love for drinking on the job it turns out Bond can teach us a thing or two about career progression.  

4 James Bond inspired career tips…

1. Look the part

From your attire to your LinkedIn profile, anything that comes into contact with your boss, colleagues, potential employers or recruitment professionals contributes to your personal brand. Looking the part (probably) doesn’t mean wearing a tuxedo to work every day. Bond regularly dons a sharp suit but is no stranger to switching things up when required.

Jams Bond Ski Suit

Appropriateness is key, be mindful of what you post on social networks and how you present yourself setting dependant. 


2. Network

Bond gets around, travelling from country-to-country establishing and building relationships with great contacts. His contact book has got him out of some tricky situations. Whist a round the world trip may be out of the question, networking can still play a significant role in career progression.

Seek out and become a leading voice in relevant groups, engage in conversations, attend events and maintain a presence on appropriate networks (LinkedIn, GitHub etc.). Relevancy and consistency are key to success, so do your research first.


3. Know your field

007 is an expert in evasive driving, bomb disposal and the mixology of martinis – all vital skills for one of the country’s top spies. A well qualified and successful employee is knowledgeable one, and these are the employee’s most likely progress.  

If you are focused on developing or generating leads for SaaS marketing software you should know your SEO from your PPC and your SQLs from your MQLs. A broader knowledge of your field in addition to a deeper understanding of your specialism maximises the chances of progression.

Seek out relevant blogs, books and industry bodies. Feedly and Pocket are two great tools to get the right content in front of you without filling up your inbox with newsletters.


4. Finish the job

How many villains capture 007 but don’t actually finish him off? A part of successful career progression is about finishing the job, making the right move at the right time.

Working hard (and smart) for your company is, of course, the best way to maximise the chances of career progression but sometimes elements outside of your control may influence future moves. Before looking to leave a company or applying for an internal role weigh up the pros-and-cons, consider the medium-to-long term impact on your career.

Based on your research, considerations, longer term goals and when the time is right, finish the job.


Do you have any other James Bond inspired career pointers to add? Leave a comment below or get involved via the Saastronaut social channels.