Marketing Budget & the 19th Hole

Working at a SaaS firm that doesn’t have a lot of funding can be tough. Especially when you are competing in a very saturated market place.

In the marketing department at [SaaS Company], we had just got our first proper budget. A pot of money we planned meticulously. It wasn’t a great deal, around $15K to last us a quarter. But it was more than we had ever had before and we were pumped.

We had planned our campaigns and were just waiting for the new quarter to start. Unfortunately, before it started the entire marketing budget (and some more) was spent on a feature within a major national newspaper pullout.

The newspaper was the very paper that my boss’s golf club gave out to members at the 19th hole, AKA the bar.


Boss: “Money well spent, wait until this goes out. Get in early and get by the phones when it does!”


The day it went out we were in early. The phones didn’t ring, aside from a few agency recruiters that had seen the piece.

Our boss did have his name and half-inch profile picture printed in a newspaper though, just in time for Sunday’s competition.


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