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We know SaaS is serious business but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun along the way. SaaS Stories is a growing collection of anonymously shared tales from SaaS people. 

Sometimes you just need to get something off your chest. Anonymously.

I work for a SaaS company that like many other organisations is struggling to hire the right people. We are a small but growing FinTech solution and experienced Sales Development Reps were in short supply after a few resignations and staff that didn’t quite work out.

It had been quiet on the interview front for a while when, to everyone’s surprise, an email was sent saying a new hire would start Monday. Hurrah!

On their first day, general introductions and standard chat proceeded…


Existing SDR: “Where did you work before?”


New SDR: “I was a the Office Manager at a [Large Corporation Name].”


No major alarm bells yet, the company had a history of looking beyond job titles and at transferable skills. The conversation progressed…


Existing SDR: “How did you find [SaaS Company Name]?”


New SDR: “I applied and got offered the Office Manager job. But when I got here today they talked to me about Sales Development. I don’t want to do sales.”


Existing SDR:


True to her word, she didn’t. After 2 weeks she had moved onto an Office Manager role at another company.


We are back to looking for SDRs. We’re also looking for an Office Manager.

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