OK first let’s take the traditional demand generation playbook and throw it right out the window.

There. Much better.

Now if that didn’t send you running, then we might just be onto something here…

See Drift is the world’s first and only conversational marketing and sales platform. And that means that we’re re-writing the playbook for marketers all around the world. So we’re looking for a marketer who can generate leads with an entirely new playbook — a playbook that doesn’t use landing pages, lead forms, gated content, MQLs, or SQLs.

What you will be doing on the marketing team at Drift:

  • You will lead and build out our digital marketing center of excellence.
  • You will manage the demand generation funnel and own our monthly, quarterly, and yearly interested people (known as MQLs at less customer centric organizations) and pipeline goals.
  • You will focus on our overall web experience and how we can create an online experience for our future customers like no other company in the world.
  • You will be the one responsible for seeing the future and figuring out what our next 2-3 digital marketing channels might be.
  • You will work closely with the product marketing team to ensure our site architecture matches our overall product positioning and product feature framework.
  • Build a predictable SMB marketing funnel we can rely on.
  • Manage SEM marketer, Conversation Development Representatives (who act as a human conversion point for our website), and conversational marketing specialist who runs Drift for Drift.
  • You will manage the overall CPL and CAC metrics of the business closely ensuring we hit the best ROI possible for each of our campaigns.

In the first 30 days:

  • You’ll get acquainted with the team and hit the ground running. Your first campaign will be up and out the door.
  • You’ll form an opinion on our current and future web architecture and work closely with the team that will be working to overhaul our web experience.
  • You’ll understand our current sources of web traffic and develop estimates for growth for each of these channels.
  • You’ll get very familiar with our SMB sales team and what is fueling their funnel today.

In your first 60 days:

  • You will have shown results on the growth of our web metrics.
  • Built trust with your team and have them all working in unison together in order to achieve your growth goals.

In your first 6 months:

  • You will have earned the respect of your team and the rest of the marketing team around you.
  • The team will look to you as a leader across marketing, sales, product and customer success.
  • You will have a close relationship with SMB sales and will have made significant progress toward helping them make our funnel predictable, knowing that if we add more into the top of our funnel we can be confident we can get more out of the bottom.
  • You’ll become a reliable advisor to our product team, helping them understand the things you care about as a digital marketer and how you run your business.

About you and what type of skills you’ll need:

  • You have deep experience on all things digital and have worked on website that attract a high volume of website visitors.
  • You have used conversational marketing in your previous roles and understand the overall impact it can make to businesses around the world.
  • You know how to build teams and manage employees–our goal for the marketing team is for Drift to be the best experience of every one of our marketers’ careers.
  • You have frameworks and ways of working from your past experience that you can pick up and bring to Drift where you will take these to the next level.
  • You’re an analytical marketer and love spending your days thinking conversion rate metrics and different UI patterns that create amazing digital experiences.
  • You move fast and even though you love those tools, you believe almost anything can be solved with Zapier and Google Sheets.